Dormitory X

They were only young, and helpless. One day when a mysterious disease is spread, 12 boys and girls-were all that were infected. They were cured but it seems the infection might have some side effects...


1. A needle filled with black liquid.

My family was struggling. Struggling with money to feed us and stay sheltered. My mum got two jobs and My dad got one with a science department. I was only four and didn't understand money and jobs. My nans house was where I'd most likely be. When I'm at home with them all they do is argue and forget about me. Mum was getting tired of my dad and dad was too.

My dad made the house smell of chemicals and sweat. He'd always be frustrated and angry. Mum kept trying to tell him he could get a better job but it fell deaf on his ears. My mum would argue with him and cry but he wouldn't do anything. She tried to tell me everything would be okay but it would never be if dad continued to be like this. Frustrated and tired, my mum kicked my dad out and got a divorce.

On the day my dad was leaving, he hugged me goodbye. Something sharp dug into my back but I pretended I didn't notice. He pulled away from me and walked away. My mum was by the door, stern looking but eyes watering. My dad frowned at her and walked out the door. Before my mother shut the door, I saw through cloudy eyes my dad slip a needle filled with black liquid into his pocket.
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