I can't love you more than this

14 year old hayley is your normal teenage girl until she goes to a one direction concert and literally sparks fly


3. Night of my life

It was 4:30 I had heaps of time until the concert started I fully charged my camras I was ready to rock! My mum dropped me of an hour early with struck instructions to text her when I wanted to be picked up blah blah blah!! I went into the foyer and shortly after that I ran too my seat and waited. All of a sudden the lights turned of and the boys came out jumping and Ellington. Liam yells into his microphone "good evening Christchurch! You guys are amazing we will start it off by singing na na na" they sang na na na, gotta be you, everything about you, and one thing. During one thing ingot a high five from Zayn! Then they did the couch ritual Harry's tweet was first it read "why don't you boys sent your erection in my direction ;)" I was blown away cause I relished it was my tweet. I stood up and Harry winked at me and I got a huh five. It was amazing. After the concert I ran into town I knew where I was going I was heading to the Hotal. I ran through glass doors and accedently ran into some one I looked up and quickly said " Ohh I'm so sorry" then I couldn't believe my eyes it was Liam Payne! He looked down on me and said "I'm the one who should be spry I've made you go as white as a ghost" I laughed a that then he pulled me into a hug and said I better go t was nice seeing you love. I walked through some more doors and in trout of me stood Paul....
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