I can't love you more than this

14 year old hayley is your normal teenage girl until she goes to a one direction concert and literally sparks fly


1. In the beginning

I was at school one day and I was ditching last class cause I didn't want to go. I hated school, I always made up excuses to my parents about why I don't want to go. Some times they buy it but most of the times they don't. I was listening to the radio and scrolling through twitter then I saw a twee. That read: NZ directionars lissen up! There is going to be a big announcement lissen up to 91.3 fm to find up now!! I switched over to 91.3 "well NZ directionars good news for you one direction are comming to NZ in two weeks te your tickets at ticket tek tomorrow at 6pm good luck" . I couldn't believe hat one direction are commig to Christchurch I had to keep quite cause I was in the library. I had tears of happiness streaming down my face I couldn't believe what I just heard! I grabed my things and raced home to get my parents credit cards ready for tomorrow night. The next day at school was a drag again my friends only like one direction cause they are hot. They hate there music and thy think Niall is ugly :( I ditched the end of school and raced home I was already on the ticket tek website an hour early I went onto instagram I couldn't live without it. 5:58 moments are away now from me getting my tickets to the best concert of my life I was so nervous I I missed out on tickets my life would be over. Hats how desperate I was. 5:59 I refreshed the page just invade my fingers trembled on the key board. I couldn't stop shaking thoughts drove through my mind constiantly.
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