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a one direction fan fiction hope you like x) this is going to be a long one guys! i don't intend on making a love interest early on in the story, i would like to fully develop my stories. this is not a story where they only know each other for 2 days and they love each other!! heck no!! this is my first fan fiction leave comments please like or fave i don't care as long as you like ;) ummm.... now for the plot xD

Caitlyn thought she would have to spend her whole summer working her butt of to pay for her dreams of being a actress. but when a tragic accident occurs she is forced to take over her adoptive aunt and uncles ice cream parlor... little did she know who she was going to meet...


2. coffee...please??


A girl should have class! Honestly was that too much to ask?! I thought as the blond bimbo i found shoplifting stormed out. First she completely denies the fact that the was stealing the shirt, then says that she would have sex with me for it!! Is that all it means to her, does sex really only cost as much as a 20 dollar shirt?! I spaced out as she cursed my name. Just as she walked out Caitlin walked in with a cute confused pout. She was absolutely  gorgeous! With her high wasted blue shorts and aero shirt that showed her figure, and her name tag with what I guessed was her nick name Caity cat. She had her blond brown hair in a messy bun and her lips looked so glossy and kissable.... SNAP SNAP SNAP! I shook my head and realized my mind had wondered. I look down to see Caitlyn looking freaked out at me. She was snapping her fingers In my face. "hey...hello....HEY!!" she snapped "hello love" I said with a cheeky grin she rolled her eyes and walked away elegantly. THAT, was a girl with class!!! I never had a full conversation with Caitlyn, we went to the same school and saw each other in the hall way but never even said hi.  Honestly, she doesn't remember me, you see Caitlyn and I used to be neighbors when we where little... She was the love of my 5 year old life! But one day she just moved away, no warning , no bye, she just up and left! I never did find out what happens to her but when she walked in the store, with the help wanted poster I just put up, I knew it was her! She was even more beautiful then any popular girl I ever went out with! She walked out of the back and handed me a stack of shirts with a grunt,she kept the other half and we folded in silence.

Caitlyn's P.O.V I never had a full talk with Joey, we went to school together but he was one of the populars. I never really like to associate with that kind of people, knowing from experience you can never keep a secret safe with them! Joey seemed nice enough but I was at work and there was never any need for conversation. I answered most of his questions with nods and grunts and always turned down his invitations for coffee during our lunch breaks. Just another guy trying to get in a girls pants." so...." Joey said cutting of my thoughts " I thought maybe we could hangout during our lunch break... Get a bite to eat maybe,?! I'll pay..." I was about to respond with a no but it was just then that I realized I don't have any money to spend because I had to pay two months rent in a week ( my land lord is a weirdo) so I responded with a simple "sure, why not?!" he looked away from me saying " yeah we'll that's okay I guess you never said yes befo___" ...... " wait..... You said yes?!!!" shock clearly registered on his face. "well yeah?" " oh!" he exclaimed his checks turning a bright shade of red, he made a goofy grin and just stared at me, he looked... Cute! Joey's P.O.V So.... I said trying to break the ice. She looked up at me expectantly.  I-I thought maybe we could hangout during our lunch break, I stammered. Maybe get a bite to eat?... A flash of recognition crossed her eyes and I prepared my self for rejection as always. No matter how many times I ask her to lunch she always replies with a swift yet simple no. I was so caught up with my thoughts that didn't hear her respond. Assuming that she had said no I turned away muttering the fact that she never said yes before until I stopped myself and quickly looked at her. Was I going mad or did she just say yes?!! I asked out loud mostly to my self but she responded. "well yeah!!" she said looking at me. All I could muster was an "oh" I felt my cheeks burn up. Oh?!! Really that's the best you could come up with!?? I couldn't help myself but grin at her!! She was just too cute!!

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