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a one direction fan fiction hope you like x) this is going to be a long one guys! i don't intend on making a love interest early on in the story, i would like to fully develop my stories. this is not a story where they only know each other for 2 days and they love each other!! heck no!! this is my first fan fiction leave comments please like or fave i don't care as long as you like ;) ummm.... now for the plot xD

Caitlyn thought she would have to spend her whole summer working her butt of to pay for her dreams of being a actress. but when a tragic accident occurs she is forced to take over her adoptive aunt and uncles ice cream parlor... little did she know who she was going to meet...


1. a VERY long summer

BZZZZ BZZZZ I woke up suddenly to the sound of my alarm,I cringed. I had forgotten to close my shades, and now light was shining down directly into my eye. Sluggishly I got up and let out a gasp as my feet touched the cold floor. It was mid June the start of summer and i relinquished the thought of enjoying this summer. I headed to my en-suite bathroom to get ready for work, working was the only way I could get by. I stepped in the shower letting the hot water sooth and relax me preparing me for another endless day of work. I lived in the central of London in a small one bed room apartment. After my parents passed away In a tragic car crash when I was five I went to go live with my aunt Mary and her husband Joseph. Joseph was my dads brother who lived in a small suburb in the out skirts of Doncaster. They owned a small ice cream parlor that was VERRY popular in the small city. I had always dreamed of living in London, being able to live out my dream of being a artist When I turned 16 I started to work at the parlor saving up money to make my move to London. I mean, don't get me wrong, I loved Mary and Joseph as if they where my own mum and dad..... But living  in the small city was not for me!! I was a London girl and they new it!! I always dreamed of an apartment with a spectacular view and just live my dream! I begged Joseph and Mary for a whole year! And finally they caved and said yes! I couldn't wait to leave. I landed a job at an aero-postel. I paid my down payment on a furnished apartment and left. Before I could leave, Joseph being the great guy he is surprised me on my last day home with a charcoal grey mini cooper!!!!!! My own car! And fast forward a week or two and here I am! I stepped out of the shower and looked in the mirror. I had brown hair with Natural highlights making my hair look blond. My eyes where a blue green color, they where the only thing I like about myself.I guess you could say I was insecure, I never really had friends because of HIM.  I pulled my hair in a messy bun and changed into the store uniform. I added a bit of cherry chap stick and mascara after I had brushed my teeth. I slipped into my neon pink Toms and graved  my white shades from the coffee table. I check my cell before I leave, 6 new messages, I didn't even need to check who they where from, I new it was Alex. I pulled up to the shopping mall in my cooper,and flashed my ID for the staff entrance. I rushed up to the elevator hoping I wouldn't be late! Just as I opened the thick glass doors of the aero postel store, I tall blond bimbo pushes me out of her way yelling behind her. "you weren't even that cute and the clothes here suck!!" as she sashayed away she turned to glare at me! If that look could kill id be 6 feet under!

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