gotta be you

A girl named Katie moves to the U.S and meets one direction she falls in love with zayn and her friend Rachel falles in love with Harr, she meet 2 new girls from across the street who are datin louis and Liam there names are El and Danielle. But not every one loves each other and some are keeping secrets.


9. thruth or dare

"  liam you go" as i went and got a bottle and put it on the ground. i was sitting beside niall ash was sittin beside harry and zayn zayn was beside ash and liam and liam was beside louis and louis sat beside lily. he span the bottle and it ladded on zayn." zayn trut hor dare?" "dare" " okayy i dare you tooooo go in kates room and put on her make up" he got up and came out with mascara on some lip gloss that was ash and for some reason ity was in my hotel room.  it was zayned tur nhe span th bottle and it landed on lily. " lily truth or dare ? " " dare " " haha this will be fun. kiss..... LOUIS! on the lips for 10 seconds".

lilys POV

OMGG!! I was freacking out to my self inside. i always had a crush on louis tomlinson!! i lent in to kiss him and so did he. this must of been the best time of my life!! i was counting and 10 seconds had passed whe nit was 10 seconds he put his hand on on my head and kissed me longer !! it was awsome!


louis POV

she was soo pretty and a good kisser i didnt want to let go. the boys just saired in silence. i finally let go and played the gane again. lily span thbottle and it landed on kate " truth or dare?" " dare" " i dare you to.. i dare you to eat the hottest chips you have. she got up and grabed a bag of halipino chips and 3 water bottles. it was kates turn . she span the bottle and it landed on harry. " truth or dare ?" " truth" " okay.. are you gonna do anything to night wit has ash??" " umm idk if she wants to" he looked and her and winked she smiled and kissed him. there was silence between me and lily so i pulled a move and help her hand.


kates POV

I  looked at the time and it had been almost 12:00. " omg its already 12 im gonna go to bed night guys" " night they all said" beforre i left i was louis wisper into lilys ear she stood up and said she was going to the bathroom. she came up to me and freacked out " omgg i cant believe i kissed louis tomlinson on the lips!!" she said trying not to scream. " and the best part he asked  ifi could come on tour with him and the boys!" " omg lily that what harry and niall did to me and ash hes gonna ask you out!" " omg:!! well i gotto goback to him hes waiting for me" she said running back to the living room








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