gotta be you

A girl named Katie moves to the U.S and meets one direction she falls in love with zayn and her friend Rachel falles in love with Harr, she meet 2 new girls from across the street who are datin louis and Liam there names are El and Danielle. But not every one loves each other and some are keeping secrets.


3. the time of my life

*the next day*

i gotr up at 11am and took a shower so did ashley. we got dressed, i was wearing pink shorts with a i white crop top. she was wearing a black skinny jeans and a purple top that was a bit to small.we put on some make-up, mewe just mascara and her eyeliner lipglossand eye shadow. we straightened our hair amd were all ready to go. " mom me and ash are going out we will be bacck at around % idh love you byee". and walked pout the door. we went to starbuckes on the way to the movies and got some frappuccinos. we saw zayn and another guy sitting waiting for us. omg did zayn look hot! but i didnt really have a crush on him we just meet.


zayns POV:

i was waiting for kate and ashley with my other friend justin. i didnt tell the girls where we were going but i new that they would like to go to the mall to hang out. they came around the corner andi gave kate a hug. " heey girls this is my friend justin."i said pointing to the handsome guy beside me. " hi. im ashley you can call me ash." she said with a blush to justin. " so i know that girls like to go to the mall so do u guys wanna go there and just hang out ??" i said. " sure thats sounds funn" kate said with a smile and turned heading to wards the gid mall.

Kates POV:

i went to the mall with zayn and his friend. i saw ash look at him with love. i thought she only liked him because his name was justin and she loved justin bieber. he gave he r the same look they where so cute together. i went up to zayn and showed him how cute they were together." they shouold go out soon . dont you think so ?" he sled me " yupp!" i said popping the p. time passed and it was almost 3:00 we where all hungry so zayn and justin baught is lunch or dinner witch ever one it was. i text my mom and told her i was going to ashs tonight just so i can spend more time with him.


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