gotta be you

A girl named Katie moves to the U.S and meets one direction she falls in love with zayn and her friend Rachel falles in love with Harr, she meet 2 new girls from across the street who are datin louis and Liam there names are El and Danielle. But not every one loves each other and some are keeping secrets.


7. stay with me

it was party time and every one bought me a gift even zayn bought me one. niall got me a necklace with a heart on it ash and harry got me one direction tops, liam got me a new laptop because when he used mine he said it was crap, and louis he got me earings. this was  the best birthday!!



it has almost been a year since me adn niall have been dating and we were soo close to eatch other now closer then ever. same for harry and ash. between them t i dont know if the where sleeping most night or what.

i walked out of my room and saw niall liam louis and zayn in the kitchen. i went up to the table and sat on nialls lap and kissed him. " heey beautiful " he said with his cute irish accent, "heey"i said with a blush. " heey guys look over ther look thats a room s ogo do that in there" zayn said with jelousy. liam and louis just sat there laughing at him. harry and s h walked in " heey kate lets go shoping!!!" "okay" i said "ill be back at around 4" i told niall he told me that he would ne at a signing wit hthe boys so he wouldnt be back tell 5 ish we kissed and i left the room went out the door and me and ash went to harrys hotel to get her jacket.



Heey guys so this is my second book i wrote !! what!! yeahh soo plz comment if you like it and telll me if you want more

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