gotta be you

A girl named Katie moves to the U.S and meets one direction she falls in love with zayn and her friend Rachel falles in love with Harr, she meet 2 new girls from across the street who are datin louis and Liam there names are El and Danielle. But not every one loves each other and some are keeping secrets.


14. shhhh

i left the room and niall was standing there seeing if everything was okay i kissed him and brought him in the room as zayn left i closed the door and we started to kiss the more and more then stopped and cuddled. we only have dont it like oncew because we didnt want to before marrage and wenever really actually did it.


lilys POV

I suprized that zayn and kate went ot. i never thought of that. louis grabbed my hand and we wet to our room i was sure we where gonna do something just not everything. i was late at night and he wanted to cuddle we started cuddling and then we kissed more and more we didnt expect to do more but it just happend. the nest moning i woke up beside him and he was already awke and was playing with my hair. i looked at him and kissed him with a smile. all today we where closer then ever. we where always together and were kissing most of the day and cuddling.

louis POV

last night was amazing i never expected to do that. all today we where on eachothers sides we never left one unless we had to goto the washroom. mostof the day i kissed her she was almost the only thing i saw today. we stayed in our pjs and cuddled up it was funn and relaxing. he sang me songs and the n he looked at his phone and saw that simon text him yesterday saying to get ready you have a concert in london we jumped up and text all the biys and left right away. we ran out the door and looked around for a limo. good thing the text said that there was gonna be a limo outside waiting for us outside today at 11 it was 10:59 exact and we saw no limo. then finally it came and drove us to london it took a long long time to get there but we got there in time. we got out an ran to the door running way from thepopa. an screaming fans. we got to the dressing room and got chandged. i came out and saw that lily was gone. i looked around and saw that she was givin some clothes too. she came up to me and said that the girls where gonna go on stage. she got changed a backstage manager told us that we needed to go on stage in 5 min. the boys and i got up and started jumpin and getting ready.


nialls POV

we walked on stage and everyone was screaming and it was sooooo loud. i told them that was had something special at the end of the concert. we started to sing adn tthen it was over and i called kate out and louis called lily and harry called out ash. harry and ash were always together and never left each other. all the fans loved them the girls started to get populare and all the fans loved them.  we got questions from fans  on twitter and answered them with the girls some said to kiss some said to pick the m up and spin them in circles and some where for liam and zayn.

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