gotta be you

A girl named Katie moves to the U.S and meets one direction she falls in love with zayn and her friend Rachel falles in love with Harr, she meet 2 new girls from across the street who are datin louis and Liam there names are El and Danielle. But not every one loves each other and some are keeping secrets.


15. last chapter

after the concert the the girls came with me and the boys to the sighing and the giels got asked to give alot of fans there autogragh. after the signing kate told me that she had never did her autogragh so many times before and that her had started to hurt. i kissed he nad and rubbed it and held it all the ride to a hotel that we were only spen one day in because tomorrow we had dirffrent inrtviews to go to. we went to bed and woke up the next mornung early we went to 2 diffrent interviews. at 2:00 we where on our way to new york. new york was our last concert and then we had a long holiday break.  we finally got there and was pooped out.

kates POV

we did the concert and then went to bed louis was gonna ask lily to marry him he told me. i was so happy for them. i didnt know if niall was gonna ask me but he had all the signs layed out. ash and harry  i dont know i havent seen the m in a while. I  cuddled up with niall and lily and louis did the same beside us. ash ran into the room and showed me her hand on her finger was i dinomond ring and thats whe nlouis and niall went down on one knee and asked us to marry them. we said yes and started to cry my life was complete with him in my life and wit h2 best friends ash and lily.




(A/N) heey guys hoped you like it. and it was really funn having you in the book lily_1D.  

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