long lost family

a girl named kayle meets her brother( niall horan)on her 17 birthday, and goes on a date and falls in love with liam. every thing is going good tell her dad finds out she meet niall and he tries to get them to not see each other.


5. your safe now

kayles POV

i was at hte hospital withthe boys and saw that my leg was in a cast . a docter walked in and told me that i had broken my leg. i looked around the room and no one was in there. "um has there been anyine waiting for me?" " yes 5 men they are out sid do you want to talk to them?" " yes please". she walked out the room and got one direction thay all came in and i asked liam and niall to come. that came up to my bed i gave niall a hug and liam a kiss they sat down and then i asked the other 3 boys to come i gave them all a hug and thank them gor helping liam and niall look for me.  i finally became goodfriends with them. i was scared to go with people alone unless i it was the boys. i got a text from my mom asking if i was okay. i looked up at niall and liam. who told my mom ?i texted her back and said *yeah i miss you and i love you xox ttyl bye*  the boys looked at me and said not me. i looked at the other 3 and it was louis who told her. he said he yook nialls phone when we was not looking and called her." thanx" i gave him a hug.

--2 days later--

i was still in the hospital. niall and liam came and saw me every day. the boys saw me yesterday adn the day before. niall came in coming back from the caf. he brought me a sandwitch ( he had eat it) juice a half a cookie(he also eat). i eat the rest of the cookie ad drank my juice. the doctor came in and said i could leave today. we where all happy she gave me some crutches and we headed home. i walked through the door and the 3 boys ran up to me and gave me a hug. to celebrate they all went to the movies exept for me and liam. we just stayed home cuddled up to each other on the couch. we where watchin toy story but didnt really even watch it we made  out most for the movie. it was 11 :00 at night and we where gonna head to bed. i was laying down and had a heard time to get my pants off. he came over and helped me get my pants off me but the big cast was in the way he finally got it off. we cuddled up and feel sleep. the next day liam brought me out to go shoping for easyer clothes to put on. he bought me some skirts and dresses. he even baught me some new tops adn pants ( for whe nmy leg was all better, he brought me to another store and bought me some pj's.

we got back and he asked me on a date this was gonna be our frist date adn he wanted to bring out to go dancing.

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