long lost family

a girl named kayle meets her brother( niall horan)on her 17 birthday, and goes on a date and falls in love with liam. every thing is going good tell her dad finds out she meet niall and he tries to get them to not see each other.


2. trust me

liams POV

i walked in to her house and went to the sofa. i looked around and wow did it look like she spet thousand maybe millions of dallors on this house. we went to her living room and in there was a white couch and a love seat. under the tv that was on the wall was a built in fire place. " wow nice place you got here" i said witha gasp. " thanx i think niall baught it". we sat on the couch with popcorn and put on a movie. "so why didnt you want to take a picture with me?? and i ot good?" i said with a small laugh. she looked at me and giggled " niall and i dont have the same dad and his dad never wanted us to meet in person or at all my mom and niall told me. so they told me to be careful and trty not to let him know we have found each other." " wh ydid he not want him to meet you?" i was kinda confussed. " he left my mo when i was arounf 4 and he said that i would become just like my mom he took niall away from us and said that she can take care of me. on my 10 birthday he called my houose and started yelling at my mom and said i was gonna turn out to be a slut just like her". " oh.." i said as i gave her a hug, " your not a slut your nothing like one" i told her as i looked in to her glossy eyes.

kayles POV

 liam was being so sweet to him. i dont know what haooed he was looking into my eyes and i just randomly kissed him. insteaad of him pushing back i did. i stopped my self once i realized what i just did. " oh um sorry" i said. he just sat there speachless i knew he liked it but he just didnt answer. i changed the subject and asked if he wanted pizza. " yeah sure" he finally spoke. " kayle? that kiss what did that mean?" i honestly did not know my self i looked at him and walked away to go get the phone adn came back i order and told him " idk, i just felt so close to you and you where there and where being so sweet i just... idk" i said i thought he was mad. untell he kissed me. the door bell rang and i pulled away so i can answer. i thought that was pretty quick for a pizza man. i opend the door and it was niall. the ran inside and went in to my room. i followed him in there. " kayle why are you every where will liam?" i looked at hiom weird " what?' dad came to my hotel and was yelling to find you so he could take you away from me!" i looked at him and a tear feel. my own dad was after me. he gave me a hug and told me that i had to live with them so they could protect me.  i ran out of the room and told liam

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