long lost family

a girl named kayle meets her brother( niall horan)on her 17 birthday, and goes on a date and falls in love with liam. every thing is going good tell her dad finds out she meet niall and he tries to get them to not see each other.


7. long time no see


" there has to be food we just baught some yesturday" louis yelled from the living room. " unless niall at it all" he laughted. "all there is is carrots, bananas and frozen food. all the rest is just to healthy"""kayles bananas and carrots are healthy" louis chanted as he got up and walked over to the kitchen. i just sat there and laughted at them. i layed down and then heard a knock on the door. "ugh. ILL GET IT" i yelled at every one. i walk over to the door and see a girl with light brown straight hair wearing a blue top that  said keep clam and love 1D and pink shorts and blue toms on.she was my sisters best friend Emma. i open the door and she jumps up and hugs me. "omg hey niall! i missed you i havent seen you sicne i was like 2!'' "hey em i missed you too. my mom told you that kayle was here with me?" " yeah, and the tv" i smiled adn she came in. " so where is she?" " where she always is" " okay bye see you later" she gave me a hug and walked off into the kitchen. i sat down on the couch and heard them screaming. i started to laught they where like 2 little girls getting icecream. zayn comes in " who is here?" " emma mine and my sisters friend." "oh okay well i am going out to get junk stuff so we can have a party tonight for louis birthday." " ill come too." louis birthday was in 3 days and it was pretty close to christmas so made is party earlier. i walked into the kithcen with zayn " hey girls we will be right back." i said as Emma turned around and looked at us. "okay. bye boys" she said and turned back around. " buy some food" i am hungry. " well we are going to but dont eat it all and hey em wanna stay over a few days we are having a party soon you wanna join?" " sure id love to!" and with that we walked out.


i woke up and no one was here exept for louis who was in the shower. i look over ant my night tabl;e there was 2 notes. i look at the frist one it was from niall and zayn * we will be back soon buying party things* and the other one was from kayle and some other girl named Emma * we went to go get food we will bring some back for you and louis byee xx* i walk of my room and into the living room. louis got out and i went in i took off my cloths and got into a shower. i came out and realized no towel. " great" i mumbled to my self. i walked out of the washroom butt naked. when i hear the front door open it was niall and zayn. " oh good harrry really? naked again" zayn said entering the kitchen with the bags. " put clothes on mate" niall said tossing me a blanket. " i was gonna but i forgot a towel."i told them and walked off. once i got changed louis zayn and niall left again. "man does any one want to be with me?" i said to my self. just then kayle came running in the door "NIALL!" she yelled " hes not here no one is its just me" " come now !" i jumped up and she ran out the door. i followed her tell we got to her friend Emma. "omg what happend?" "some random person beat her up and took everything we bought." i went to go pick her up but she siad no. she was scared of me. i looked at kayle she came beside her adn said it was okay and that i was not going to hurt her. she finnaly gave in and let me take her home. we got to the house and kayle called niall right away. in 5 minutes he was there. emma want right to him and started to cry. "shh its okay" he said sitting down with her on his lap. " is that your brothers girlfriend? when did he get a girlfriend i dont remeber him having one" "no thats our friend Emma she is staying here for a little." " i want to get to know her can you help?" "yeah sure hazza" we smiled and liam came in. " where were you?" i said and ran to him to give him a kisss. he text me * for louis party*. i sat down with him and the couch. " this is Emma our friend.....she just got...jumped so she only wants to be with niall for now" "oh okay." "im taking emma to my room so she can clam down" "okay " "harry liam wat you wanna do?" i ask them "umm wanna go bowling?" "okay but im not good" i said "dont worry same " they both laughted. we called a cab. it finally came not that long later. we got in and we headed to the bowling place.

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