long lost family

a girl named kayle meets her brother( niall horan)on her 17 birthday, and goes on a date and falls in love with liam. every thing is going good tell her dad finds out she meet niall and he tries to get them to not see each other.


6. keep me in your arms

after we came back from the dance we went and watched a toy story and some other french romantic funny movie. well it was not suposed to be funny but liam made it funny. whe nthey would say something in french we would translate in in a dramadic way. he made me happy. " liam plz keep me in your arm and never let anyone hurt me again." " i will and your brother will help to." he kissed me on the nose and i feel sleep on his chest. i woke up to him singing with his giutar and niall eating my food. i situp and he sang to me" i made you breakfast but fat ass niall eat it" i laughted and niall just smiled like a retared. i got up and took a pair of  bluee skinny jeans  and a black crop top that said love on it and went to the bathroom and changed i curled my hair and was to lazy to put make up on. i walked into my room and satdown. beside niall and liam. " hey! your to young to be showing your stomic." niall said pulling the top down a bite." im 17 and it doesnt show alot just up to my belly button  not even." i roll my eyes and raced himto the kitchen. i opened the fridge and yelled " theres no foooood!!"



(A/N) hey guys comment and ill put you in the story i am choosing 5 poeple to be in there so plzz comment ( comment at any time)

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