long lost family

a girl named kayle meets her brother( niall horan)on her 17 birthday, and goes on a date and falls in love with liam. every thing is going good tell her dad finds out she meet niall and he tries to get them to not see each other.


4. i found you

after breakfast some one knocked on the door i went to go answer it and it was nialls dad. liam was in the shower niall was slepping and zayn, louis and harry went to the movies. he looked at me and said i finally found you. i screamed and he took me. i kicked him and sackedhim alot of times but he didnt do anything i think he was wearing pretection. liam ran out of the door in a towl and saw me i couldnt yell he had his hand on my mouth and put presser. liam ran back in got changed and woke up niall. i started to cry and passed  out. he put me in his car and drove to his house he locked me up in the basement. it had been almost a day and i knew niall and liam where gone to get the boys and looked every where for me.


zayns POV

i knew that liam and niall could not handly this anymore we had been looking for her every where and they where starting to tear up. niall started running the other way. he never had that much energy ever befor but he has ran for almost half an hour now we all followed him and then we got to a small house " niall what are we doing here?" harry asked trying to breath. " this is my dads house she has to be in here". he knocked on th door. " zayn you talk act like your a bissness man that neede to ask some questions". " okay" i said walking in front of him facing the door. the door opend a bit niall and the other boys hide. " hello?' i said no one answered. i looked through the crack i hear a scream fom in side i looked at nial that was behind a bush. " thats her" he said whispering to me. the door then slamed close. i walked over to the window adn tried to look throught i saw nialls dad grab kayle and take her out the back door. i ran to the back with louis and liam, and told niall and harry to stay there and just in case they came out that way.

nialls dad  saw us and then we nt to the front door he saw niall and harry and went upstairs. liam ran to the front an saw nialls dad open the window and saw him drop me from the 3rd floor. liam  ran to her and so did niall they where so lucky they caught her. liam carried her home and put her on the couch. we left liam and niall alone with her. after they where done talkiig me loyis and harry walked in the room. she stood up and fell right to the ground we all ran to her she was laying on the floor crying we took her to the hospital. 

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