Before you leave me today

When 15 year old Hayley gets last minute one direction tickets her life gets turned upside down. She meets the boys and the rest is history!


1. Ohh my gosh

"I love you Harry Styles you mean the world to me", "naww you too babe" said Harry. This story began on a normal wet Monday afternoon it was last lesson of the day and Hayley and her best friend Leah where in the back of te room talking about one direction. "I hope that one day we can meet them they mean the world to me" Hayley told her two best friends Leah and Becca. "ewww one direction" becca snarled. "they are amazing guys don't diss" laughed hayley! RRRRIIIINNNNNGGGG that was the bell horray it was the end of the day Hayley rushed out of class and home to check her twitter.
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