Forever and Always

17 year old Kathryn McCauley is absolutely
head over heels for One Direction. But when
she goes to a One Direction concert one
night, she has no idea what to expect when
she finds the One Direction boys falling
for her. You might think this would be any
17 year old girls dream, but things get a
little hectic. Which boy will Kathryn choose?
And could this really be Kathryn's
forever and always?


1. The Concert

When I woke up this morning I could barely contain my excitement. Today was the day of One Direction's concert! I woke up extra early to curl my hair, and pick out the perfect outfit. I chose my hot pink and leapord print lacy british flag t-shirt, some cute shorts, and sparkley flats. I woke my dad up so we could leave and hopefully beat the rest of the directioners to the venue. Considering it was five o'clock in the morning, and the concert didn't start for anther fourteen hours. But I wanted to get there and try and meet the boys. Like I want to meet the boys, but I'm afraid they will think I'm ugly. But I can't control their opinions. Besides, we will probably get there, and the boys will already be inside the venue rehearsing for the show that evening. But I thought it was worth a shot. So my dad and got in his black truck, and drive the 45 minute drive to the Sprint Center. By the time we got there, I felt really anxious.. Considering this could be my chance to meet the One Directon boys! Well I hopped down onto the pavement in the parking lot. And sprinted up to the entrance and sat down and waited for any sign of the boys to happen. "Are you hungry Kathryn?", asked my dad. "Umm. Kinda. Why?" "There's a McDonalds not to far from here. Would you like me to go get breakfast?" "Sure." "Alright, be back in half an hour." "Okay." After my dad left, the unexpected happened, Zayn Malik started walki toward me with Niall,Liam,Harry, and Louis. I almost fangirled, but I knew how much they hated that when fans did that in front of then so I had to keep my cool. "Ello Love!", shouted Louis. "Hi!", I said excitedly. "Vas' Happening?", asked Zayn. "Oh just waiting for the security people to start letting people in.", I replied sheepishly. "Oh, well, you could come in and watch us rehearse if you'd like, I'm sure Paul wouldn't mind if one fan came in. What do you think Daddy D?" "Alright Zayn, she can come and watch us rehearse.", replied Liam. I was freakin out on the inside but smiling on the outside. "C'mon Love!", shouted Niall over his shoulder. I ran up to them and nearly had a heart attack when Paul came up behind me and started dragging me away. And saying something about how I needed to start away from the boys. Well Zayn must have looked over his shoulder and saw this because he came running towards Paul and shouting for him to let me go. I seriously couldnt believe this was happening to regular old me. "Paul! Put her down right now!" "Zayn, you can't seriously be doing this can you?" "Doing what?" "Talking to a fan without any security around!" "Paul put the girl down right now!!", demanded Zayn. "I'm sorry Zayn, but this isn't safe." "But Paul!" "Zayn, you can't talk to this fan!! She could post on the Internet and say she is with you and the other boys!" "She won't Paul! If we would've thought she would do that we wouldn't of invited her to come watch us rehearse.. Do you think we're that stupid?" "I never said that Zayn! All I'm saying that this isn't safe for you and the boys!" The next thing I know is Zayn takes me from Paul, and takes off running to catch up with the rest of the boys with Paul on his tail. After the boys and I find a small dressing room backstage and lock ourselves in. And then I think I'm dreaming when I hear the boys arguing over who saw me first and who got to date me.. Which turned into a whisper argument to a screaming match. The first to get me alone is Liam during a break during rehearseal. "So listen Kathryn, there's something I really need to talk to you about.."

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