Once Upon a Summer

Kylie is a normal fifteen-year-old directioner, her dream the same as all other directioners: to meet the five boys that changed her life. Kylie and her best friend Gia have started saving their money to make that dream come true. Doing chores she never saw herself doing before, but when she wants to give up on a tough task, she pictures the five wonderful boys in her head, but when tragety stikes her family, will her dream stay as it always was, a dream?


3. Unexpected

Gia and I lie on the floor, sprawled out, and trying to go to sleep. The heat makes much of anything diffifult. I lie still, unmoving, trying to stay as cool as possible. I am almost asleep when there is a sudden pop. I jumped to my feet and rush to where the pop came from.

I find my father in the basement, rushing around. "What happened?" I ask him. He doesnt stop moving when he responds. "I was trying to fix the electric for the hot tub, and the wires are getting too hot!" He shouts. i stand back watching him rush around the room.

I see a small spark, and then the wall errupts in flames. I rush up the stairs, and grab Gia, pulling her up, and I shout for my mother. My dad is right on my heels, and he rushes up the stairs. Gia and I run to the neighbor's house pounding on the door. When they answer I tell them the house has caught on fire, and he grabs the phone, dialing 911 and handing me the phone.

Within a few minutes the fire department is at my house, spraying the flames with water. Gia holds my hanad as we watch them put out the flames. About a half an hour goes by, and the fire department leaves, allowing us to go back into the house.

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