Once Upon a Summer

Kylie is a normal fifteen-year-old directioner, her dream the same as all other directioners: to meet the five boys that changed her life. Kylie and her best friend Gia have started saving their money to make that dream come true. Doing chores she never saw herself doing before, but when she wants to give up on a tough task, she pictures the five wonderful boys in her head, but when tragety stikes her family, will her dream stay as it always was, a dream?


5. Tweeting the Boys

I call Gia immediatley, and tell her my awful news. We sob on the phone together, and then she invites me over to stay the night. When I arrive, she waiting for me on the porch.

She rushes to me when she sees the car. when I get out, she attacks me with a hug. "It's funny how your dreams can go from about to come true, to crushed in an instant." I tell her. She nods, wiping her eyes. We lay on the couch, scrolling through twitter.

My news feed is boring, so I look through the boys' old tweets. I put my phone down on the table, and close my eyes. I hear my phone ring, to tell me someone just tweeted. I look to find that Niall tweeted about his awesome day.

I decide to tweet him and tell him my situation and I hope to get at least a follow, making part of my dream come true. I click the "compose tweet" button, and begin to type out my tweet. "Hello Nialler! I wanted to tell you how much I love and support you guys! Even though I will not be able to go to your concert near by. My house caught on fire, and I had to give my parents the money for my tickets, to fix the house, but I really wanted to know if you could at least make part of my dream come true and follow/respond to me." I say.

I read it over one last time, checking my grammar, and making sure that everything is spelled correctly. Then I click the button and send the tweet. I then put up my phone, and close my eyes relaxing. I am almost asleep when I hear my phone ring again. My eyes snap open, and my stomach drops.

The first thing I think of is my tweet to Niall. I look at my phone and see that it is just a text from my mom. "Night! Love you! Sweet Dreams!" she says. I respond telling her I love her, and good night. I look over at Gia, who has fallen asleep with her phone in her hands.

I close my eyes, and try to go to sleep, struggleing for a while, but finally falling asleep soon.

I wake up again in the middle of the night. I try to go to sleep again, but I am unable to fall asleep. I look at my phone, and my stomach drops. I let out a loud shriek. Niall Horan tweeted me back! I put my hand over my mouth trying not to scream. Gia pops up.

"What happened?!" Gia exclaims. I allow myself to shriek a bit, and hand her my phone, unable to speak. "Oh my gosh! Niall tweeted you back!" she screams. We begin to scream together.

My phone buzzes again after a couple of seconds. A twitter notification pops up. My stomach drops again. Niall Horan followed me! I read the tweet for the first time. He responded with, "I'm very sorry, love! I really wish I could help. Much love! xxx"

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