Once Upon a Summer

Kylie is a normal fifteen-year-old directioner, her dream the same as all other directioners: to meet the five boys that changed her life. Kylie and her best friend Gia have started saving their money to make that dream come true. Doing chores she never saw herself doing before, but when she wants to give up on a tough task, she pictures the five wonderful boys in her head, but when tragety stikes her family, will her dream stay as it always was, a dream?


1. Summer Sun

I pull my headphones out of me ears, and pull my water bottle from my back pocket. I take three big gulps of water, dehydrated from the blistering sun. Oh, what wouldn't I do for the five beautiful lads from One Direction.  After taking a short break, I get back to cutting our lawn, as well as a few neighbor's as well. I get payed ten dollars for each lawn I cut. So far I have thirty dollars for cutting our lawn, and the neighbors on either side.

I have been out in the sun for only about forty-five minutes, and already I can feel my skin begining to burn from the hot sun. I hurry to finish the lawn I am on, then I go back inside. When I walk in, the cool air hits my skin, and I feel better immediatly. My dad sits on the couch watching football, taking aadvantage of my cutting the lawn for him. "Hey, Ky! Bad news kid, the A.C broke. It's been going for too long. It's old too, that doesn't help much either." he says, greeting me, and killing my mood all with one sentence.

I collect my money from my dad, and then I make my way up to my room. I count all of my money. I find I have one thousand and ten dollar. I have been saving my money for One Direction concert tickets for almost eight months. My best friend Gia and I have had a pretty boring summer. We spend no money, which means no movies, mall, bowling, or anything else fun you can think of. At times it gets a bit depressing, reading all of the facebook statuses of  all the fun and exciting thing other kids my age are doing, but then I climb the stairs to my room, and see the faces of the One Direction boys, making everything better.

I lie down on my bed exashed from the heat. I feel the house slowly getting hotter, and hotter. I lie uncomfotably in my bed, falling asleep after a couple of minutes.



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