Once Upon a Summer

Kylie is a normal fifteen-year-old directioner, her dream the same as all other directioners: to meet the five boys that changed her life. Kylie and her best friend Gia have started saving their money to make that dream come true. Doing chores she never saw herself doing before, but when she wants to give up on a tough task, she pictures the five wonderful boys in her head, but when tragety stikes her family, will her dream stay as it always was, a dream?


7. Great Suprise

Gia and I lie on the hotel room bed, fangirling over what had just happend. "Oh my gosh! He totally freaked when he thought you had a boyfriend! He so liked you!" Gia says.

I nod. "I know! And what about Harry? He was totally crushing on you!" I tell her. we both shriek. We sit quietly for a few minutes when we hear a knock at the door. I run over to answer it, and I am greeted with four British boys and one Irish boy. One Direction is at my hotel room.

Niall comes over and hugs me again. "What are you guys doing here?" I ask them excited. I have gotten better at keeping my cool in front of them. "We want to help you out. We are paying to remodel your downstairs, and we are giving you front row seats, and meet and greet passes." Niall says.

I hug him again, and squeeze him tighter this time, feeling tears gathering in my eyes."Thank you so much! You have no idea how much this means to me!" I tell him, still hugging him. "Why did you do thsi for me?" I ask, very gratful.

"Because he loves you, and wants to see you again, and he though meet and greet would be a good time to meet you again." Louis says. I laugh, and Niall blushes. Hitting him a little to hard to be playul. "No! I did it because Directioners are family, and you always help family." Niall says.

"And because he wants to see you again!" Louis says, a little bit more a whisper this time. Niall glared at him, and I laughed again. I hug Niall again, and then each of the others. I realized how comfotable I am with the boys and I have only known them for a few hours. It feels as if I have know them for years. Each of them one of my best friends. 

"Thank you guys so much! Your the best!" I tell them. We all stay at the hotel room, and talk. Niall takes my hand, and doesn't let go unless absolutly nessiciary. After a while, the boys take us out to dinner, and we have a brilliant time.

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