Once Upon a Summer

Kylie is a normal fifteen-year-old directioner, her dream the same as all other directioners: to meet the five boys that changed her life. Kylie and her best friend Gia have started saving their money to make that dream come true. Doing chores she never saw herself doing before, but when she wants to give up on a tough task, she pictures the five wonderful boys in her head, but when tragety stikes her family, will her dream stay as it always was, a dream?


9. Epilogue

*Sorry this story took me so long to finish, I have been busy with sports and things! Also please comment and tell me if you would like me to make a sequel, and include some ideas of what should happen! Thank you for reading! xx*


I look around at all the people at the concert, and a smile crosses my face. Knowing that so many people love Niall as much as me makes me so happy. Niall is such a good guy he deserves to be loved this much, as well as all the other boys.

I hear the music begin to play, and I turn my attention to the stage. Niall comes right over to the side of the arena I am in, and smiles down at me. I smile at him, and he winks, making me laugh. Each time they start a new song, one of the other boys comes over to where I sit, and makes me laugh, as well as the people around me.

When they finish the last song, the boys tell the crowd goodbye and run backstage. I get up from my seat, and make my way to where the boys are. They are talking when I get backstage, but they go quiet when they see me. "Oh, hey Ky!" Niall says. "Hey guys! What were you talking about?" I ask.

"Nothing!" Zayn shouts. I look over at Niall who is smiling ear from ear. "You!" Harry adds when I look at him with pleading eyes. I see Niall give him a look, as if he is warning him to say nothing else. I sit down beside Niall and he instinctivly wraps his arms around me. "What to go have dinner, love?" he asks me. I nod. "Sure! Where at?" I ask him.

"Wherever you want!" He says. I think it over for a moment then I finally respond. "Could we go to the diner?" I ask. He nods, getting to his feet and taking my hand. As we walk out I can feel all the boys' eyes on Niall and I, but I ignore them, happy just standing beside Niall.

When we get to the restaruant, we eat, and then order a slice of chocolate cake. Suddenly, Niall stands from his chair, only to kneel down again, reaching for his pocket. I feel tears forming in my eyes, already, knowing what he was going to do. When he says the words, my eyes over flow with tears of happiness. "I love you more than Nando's, Kylie, and I don't want to lose you. Will you marry me?" he asks. I couldnt respond fast enough. "Yes, Niall, yes!" I say, laughing that he had compaired me to Nando's.


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