The Spark

Little spark ,flame


1. The Spark

A little Spark i know He has put when I was born

Though I grew the spark remained as tiny as it was

I became worldly , wise ,sometimes crookish and,crackish

but the spark remained in the innermost crevice 

of my heart pulsating and flickering.The tiny spark with its 

tiny glow cautioned me when i took a wrong path and

guided me forward on the right path.I do not know exactly 

what It Is.Is It conscious,spirit of God or soul ? I know not .May be

It is hallucination of my logical and rational mind I know not

But I know when I die do not put me in the windowless box to be

put in a tiny hole.Burn me and scatter my ashes far and wide

 in to oceans and rivers so that my flaming Spark will get mixed ,

with all the eternal elements ,of the ever expanding universe








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