Trapped with one direction

4 girls was going to Hawaii for a little vacations and apparently so was one direction but the plane crashes on a island and they get lost on there for 5months will they fall In love? Or will they go insane?


3. Plane Crash

Yasmin's P.O.V


"We was still on the plane and all of us fell asleep for about 2 hours until we woke up to the plane shaking!"


"Whats going on! Are we gonna crash?!!??!?"

the flight attendance went onto the mic and said we are sorry for the turbalance but we might crash so please put the air mask on your face and put your seat belt on!

"We all did what we was told i looked outside and saw the plane falling from the sky i could even feel it in my stomach." "I turned to look at Sophia, Lexi, and Melanie and I saw them staring at me and out the window." 

"Guys we will be fine there is water everywhere we may crash on water or land if there is a island just stay calm put pillows of blankets to cover your head now!"

"We all got something soft to protect our head right when we crashed but not on water it was land. We didnt even crash hard it was kind of smooth because they had the wheels down."


"We all got out of the planed quickly just in case it might blow up we all had our stuff with us."

"Melanie,Sophia,and Lexi are you guys ok are you guys injured?"

"They all quickly sad no to me but they couldnt stop staring at something and i turned around and saw one direction standing there."

"Was this a dream?"


I walked up to them hi are you guys one direction?

Harry's P.O.V


"This girl walked up to us and asked us if we was a one direction. "


"Umm yes we are, are you a fan of us love?"

Yeah i am she said with a very sweet soft voice.

"Oh well we are on a island we dont know what to do at the moment."

Well my friends and I are ok are you boys ok?

"Yes we are fine love thank you for asking."


"I walked away from her and went back to the boys and told them what she said and they said oh ok." "So we really dont know what we are going to do for help."


"Are we gonna die or get help but have to stay on the island for so long!"

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