Trapped with one direction

4 girls was going to Hawaii for a little vacations and apparently so was one direction but the plane crashes on a island and they get lost on there for 5months will they fall In love? Or will they go insane?


2. On The Plane


Yasmin's P.O.V



"As we all said goodbyes to our parents we started to walk towards our Plane because it was time to go." "Omg I'm so excited what about you girls?"


I want to find a nice place to sit on the beach. "Haha thats all that Melanie usually likes to do, how about you Sophia?"


I want to party haha, "interesting hah lexi?" 


 "all of the above Haha same here I hope we have a nice time because this is what we have been planing for , for almost 2 months." "We got onto our plane and took our seats I sat next to Melanie and Sophia and Lexi was next to each other." "Flight attendance camd by and told us something on the mic, Ok everyone please turn off all your electronics until we say you can turn it back on thank you. I turned off my phone,iPod and Mac book like she said too."


Yasmin ?


"Yes Melanie?"


 what if one direction was on this plane with us would that be cool!


"Yea it would be but I don't think they would be on the same plane as us though."


 why not they fly on public planes with other people on it?


"But I don't think th- ,Sophia cut me off and said, Melanie has a point but the boys did say they would be in Hawaii sometime this month."


"Oh well I didn't know that."


Flight attendance came back and said, ok everyone you can now turn your electronics back on, if you need anything please just ask and we will come right over to help you ok? Thank you.


"The flight attendance are always nice well at least they are supposed to be this flight seems like its gonna be peaceful and calm." "Ive been on 4 different planes before one to Chicago,England,Texas,and China my mom and I would travel to some nice places when she wanted to seriously get out the house she said next time we are going to Japan I can't wait for that day to come!"




"Yes Lexi?"


I hope zayn is at Hawaii I really wanna meet him!


"Well we still don't know if the boys are gonna be there they may not or may be."


yeah I hope so because I wanna meet zayn, Melanie wants to meet Harry,Sophia wants to meet Louis and you want to meet niall!


"Yes i know we just have to wait and see."


One direction is on the plane with the girls but they are in the first class so the girls can't see them.

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