Trapped with one direction

4 girls was going to Hawaii for a little vacations and apparently so was one direction but the plane crashes on a island and they get lost on there for 5months will they fall In love? Or will they go insane?


1. Vacition


Yasmin's P.O.V

"It's a bright beautiful morning and me and my 3 best friend Lexi,Melanie, and Sophia have planed to go on a trip to Hawaii for two weeks." "I was so excited to go on a vacation with my friends it's just gonna be us 4!" "We are only 16-18 anyways but all of our mom are letting us go on our first trip alone together!" "My phone started to ring hello?"


"Oh hey Lexi I'm so excited I'll see you guys at the airport at 3 ish ok?"


"Ok well bye."


"I ran to my closet and started to pack I packed a beautiful beach dress to walk in and some white sandals, black sandals, vans, converse, a white tank top, black tank top, shorts, small jacket, hoodie, t-shirts, and some sunglasses to block the sun wow I pack a lot."


YASMIN YASMIN! Come on breakfast is ready," my mom was calling me for breakfast so I quickly ran downstairs and put my bag by the door." "I ate some waffles and bacon."


Yasmin what are you three gonna do at the beach all day?

"Hmmm idk mom we might just go swimming and chill and have fun we will plan something when we get there as usual".

Hahah ok honey clean up your plate please my mom said.


"Ok mom"


"My mom was really nice she runs a clothing line and I model the clothes for her I may not be famous but we have enough money to live in a nice medium sized house I always help my mom to keep the house clean because she does so much for me and I wanna help her anyway that I can." "I'm also a only child so it's just me and her."


"Ok mom I gotta go now so let's hurry and get to the airport." Ok sweetie she said.

"As we are driving to the airport I'm all excited to have some time with just my friends they are like my sisters actually." "We got to the airport and I saw Melanie,Lexi,and Sophia waiting there for me ok girls are you ready?" "Yes!!" "Ok bye mom *hugs*"

Ok bye sweetie be careful please thats what she always says.


"And when someone says be careful you always wonder will u be careful or not?"


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