What Music Has Done For Change

This is my entry for the legacy competition, about how music can change the world as we know it for better or for worse. I'm planning to do one poem per chapter on the same theme. Vote in the comments for your fave.


3. What Music Has Done For Change 3

They called me a monster.

Not one little bit of good in me.

The cloaked figure with the skull-like face,

The clawed boogieman hiding under beds,

The sulphur-eyed thing holding your arm.

That's what I am.


I tried so hard to change closed minds.

Fighting off the hatred.

Stopping the corruption,

Stopping the hate crimes,

Stopping the police brutality.

Yet the attitude stayed.


Taught by someone who knew.

The mirroring trick shows them what can't be seen.

I showed them how stupid they sounded,

I showed them how none of it made sense,

I showed them how they threw out respect.

Mocked with gold to feed them with.


Far away from where I stood.

Someone could relate to what I wanted to say.

Completely unchanged, she was what I saw.

Completely unchanged, I've described her without knowing.

Completely unchanged, she would walk in my path.

We never met, but she will continue on.


I did all I could.

I know she will continue it.

I didn't know what lay behind me,

I didn't know how far she'll go for me,

I didn't know she knew what was happening.

She'll go far in my name.

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