What Music Has Done For Change

This is my entry for the legacy competition, about how music can change the world as we know it for better or for worse. I'm planning to do one poem per chapter on the same theme. Vote in the comments for your fave.


2. What Music Has Done For Change 2

Morning breaks somewhere in the world.

Groaning and choking, early risers fight through the rubble and dust.

Like a spiderweb to the face, the sky goes dark from the flying lead.

Screams and cries, before the scarred earth touches blood, oh so red.

That was before the first round of Notes came.


Disguised by haunting piano chords.

Handing out truth through stereos, and ideas through CD's, a new world was first thought of.

Though polar opposites, Heaven and Hell hid away together, with country borders clutching religion.

Leaves of change unfurled with a dreamer, as now there was no ethical division.

Round one had been won, but the fight had not.


Down but not out was injustice.

Folk chants dragged off the kicking and screaming covers of wrongs.

Hidden in plain view, but we all saw what Roosevelt and Luther King wouldn't let be.

They beat, they hate, but never hurt. Old hands held young as we revealed the brutality.

Steely and sulphurous, hate crept away.


Notes still exist, but what more for the fight.

None will say what will carve its way through the trench to a healed world.

The war can, must be won. We know we are close, when we look behind at our path.

The legacy has started, unfolding and stretching without any wrath.

Hate and injustice will be beaten.

Will it be beaten by your legacy?

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