What Music Has Done For Change

This is my entry for the legacy competition, about how music can change the world as we know it for better or for worse. I'm planning to do one poem per chapter on the same theme. Vote in the comments for your fave.


1. What Music Has Done For Change

Back then it was wrong in the world, for those who wanted to live in love.

Weapons were blindly raised to the skies, turning the air grey with flying lead,

Smoke and gas drifted over the innocent, as their last breaths are choked from the bullet to the throat.

Staining the scarred earth with the clotting blood, oh so red.

That was before The Notes arrived.


They came first as haunting piano chords.

Laden with truth, chances, new ideas and the words that wove a potential new world.

Heaven had vanished, and Hell had joined it in hiding. Country borders existed in our heads, as did the religious faiths.

Many joined this "solo dreamer", making him not the only one. The first tender leaves of change had unfurled.

There was a lot more to be done.


The gentle chords were fine for the small things.

The injustice fought back hard, reeking of sulphur, shimmering like toughened steel, and hidden in plain view of all eyes.

The Notes shone choir-like lights on all this abuse. No chance of ignoring what Roosevelt and Luther King wanted gone.

Willed, hated, not hurt one bit, more said no. More hurt crept away, bloodied, after watching as the caring heart cries.

The peaceful dove can't fly just yet.


The Notes weren't over in this protest by song.

None can say what they'll create for the rounds before the final call, but it will end with the outcome we want to take hold.

After all, the trenches carved through are testiment to the success. A far way behind, but how far until the end of injustice?

The legacy carved behind will span to time's end, and more will be done to pave the way, covered in the purest gold.

The Notes of music have started the legacy of peace.


We can all contribute to that legacy.

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