You and Me

Anastasia a 16 soon to be 17 year old girl lives in the UK with her cousin louis Tomlinson. Their parents were together and got into a car accendent. Ever sence she has lived with Louis. When suddenly louis makes 4 new friends. Hot guys. Harry Niall Liam and zayn. They all fall for Anastasia. This story contains kisses romance tears suspense and many more! Who will Anastasia fall for?


3. More than friends

Anastasia pov

As he entered my room I scared him and he fell down. I lay down laughing by him. " what's ur name?" I ask. He replies " it's Niall and I know ur name Anastasia ur cousin talks about u at school. I see u around but I'm new there. I think ur never mind" " u thing I'm what?" I ask " I think ur beautiful" I blush " are u tickalish?" " yes very" I start tickling Tickling him and he starts cracking up finally I sit down on my bed and Harry barges in. " lets watcha movie??!!" we go downstairs and start watching the notebook. I had no spot to sit so Niall offered me to sit on his lap. And I was leaning my head on his shoulder.

Louis pov

I saw Anastasia cuddling with Niall and I felt happy for her and mad at the same time. I didn't want her to get hurt like she did last time when she was dating Razor. He tore her heart apart and then spat at her and left.

Anastasia pov

After we were almost finished with the note book it was only 2:30 pm and everyone was sleeping so I went outside and put my feet in the pool. It was really hot outside. 90 degrees. I suddenly felt a shove at my back and fell into the water. I saw no one but then someone in swimming shorts did a cannon ball into the water. When he came out it was Niall.
He had such I nice body. I was wearing a swimming suit under my clothes so I took those of and we swam a little then we got out and took turns changing in the bathroom in my room. I went first and after I changed I layed down under the blankets and faced the wall. I felt a warm gentle hand hug me and I smile.
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