You and Me

Anastasia a 16 soon to be 17 year old girl lives in the UK with her cousin louis Tomlinson. Their parents were together and got into a car accendent. Ever sence she has lived with Louis. When suddenly louis makes 4 new friends. Hot guys. Harry Niall Liam and zayn. They all fall for Anastasia. This story contains kisses romance tears suspense and many more! Who will Anastasia fall for?


5. Harry makes his move

Harry's pov

I heard screaming at 5 o clock am. Everyone else was sleeping. I got up and ran to Anastasia's room. She was awake and looked freaked out. " what happend?" I asked " I had a nightmare " she replied " it's ok you can go back to sleep I'm fine" she said so u went back to bed still wondering what happend.

Anastasia's pov

After I waited for like ten minutes, I got out of bed and slowly crept to nialls room. I opened the door and he wasn't sleeping. " how come ur not sleeping?" i asked " I thought I heard someone scream but I wasn't sure" he said " yeah that was me" I said I was having a bad dream" "u can lay with me" he said that was exactly what I wanted to do. I crawled in beside him and faced the opposite direction of him. He hugged me and as usual I felt safe and warm. I fell asleep. When I woke up my head was on his chest. And he was hugging me. I kissed him on the cheek and got up to get dressed up. When I was dressed I went downstairs to make breakfast wich was pancakes

Nialls pov

I woke up to the smell of pancakes. I ran downstairs and saw Anastasia making pancakes. I gave her a long kiss and we both sat down to eat. I ate like 12 while she only ate like 3. I felt like a pig but she knows I like food do we are good. I saw Liam come downstairs and he smiled at Anastasia. She offered him some pancakes. " I thought they were all for me" I joked they both laughed. "Why are you guys staying here for so long?" she asked." Louis always let us stay over because this house is big and we help him pay for it. Before u moved in we like live here 24/7. Then I saw Louis zayn and Harry enter the kitchen. They all had a pan bake and we all went down town.

Zayn pov

When we were walking down town I saw Anastasia and Niall holding hands. She had her head on his shoulder u guess they were together now. I really liked her guess not... We stopped by a coffee shop and got coffee. Then we saw a mall. We went inside and them and the guys had to wear hoodies cause we didn't wanna get mobbed by fans. When suddenly I hear someone yell "wait!!" I turn around and see Paul.

Harry pov

I grab Anastasia's hand and we began to run. After we got put of the mall and a few blocks down we slid to the floor huffing and puffing for air. And suddenly I don't know what made me do this but I kissed Anastasia.
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