You and Me

Anastasia a 16 soon to be 17 year old girl lives in the UK with her cousin louis Tomlinson. Their parents were together and got into a car accendent. Ever sence she has lived with Louis. When suddenly louis makes 4 new friends. Hot guys. Harry Niall Liam and zayn. They all fall for Anastasia. This story contains kisses romance tears suspense and many more! Who will Anastasia fall for?


6. Double trouble

Anastasia pov

I grab his arm and push his face away." You need to understand I'm with Niall!!!!!!! " I boom I get up and walk away. I get my phone out and call Niall" where r u guys" I ask " well we got away and are standing right behind u. I turn around. Nialls look mad. " I saw u kissing Harry. Did u have fun?" he asked " I didn't want to kiss him he kissed me and if u didn't see I did pull him away and tell him I was with you!!" I boomed back and started walking away. Then I began running. I ran all the way to the car. Someone grabbed my arm and put something over my mouth. I slowly fell asleep. When I woke up I was tied up and sitting in a chair. In front of me was razor! "let me got" I screamed. " only if u kiss me" he said . U can even call someone important to u and say ur goodbyes. But I only if u kiss me after" I agreeded I called Niall and said I have been captured Liston carefully. Town square across from the statue smoking a cigarette guy." and then razor pulled the phone from me.

Niall pov

I started to drive to town square as soon as she told me. I began searching for the statue guy smoking and didnt find it until I saw a family walk up to it and take pictures. I walked up and looked straight ahead and saw a house. I knew she was there. I called the police and they got there in a flash. We burged in as razor was trying to kiss Anastasia. I punched him do hard that my knuckles began to bleed. The police arrested razor and I untied Anastasia. I held her tight and she began weeping hard. She didn't stop till we got home and that she was still crying. We found Louis Harry zayn and Liam waiting at the house they had no idea where we were

Louise's pov

" what happend" I asked grabbing Anastasia and holding her tight?" I asked " she was kidnapped by razor" niall answered silence filled the room and then Anastasia began weeping and that broke the silence.
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