You and Me

Anastasia a 16 soon to be 17 year old girl lives in the UK with her cousin louis Tomlinson. Their parents were together and got into a car accendent. Ever sence she has lived with Louis. When suddenly louis makes 4 new friends. Hot guys. Harry Niall Liam and zayn. They all fall for Anastasia. This story contains kisses romance tears suspense and many more! Who will Anastasia fall for?


1. Anastasia

Louise's pov

I barge into the room where Anastasia sleeping and screen wake up!!!!! She jumps and falls off the floor. I fall on the ground laughing hysterically my face turning all red!!! She begins to scream and chase me all around the house.

Anastasia pov

I jump on his back and tackle him, he falls I sit on him stomach give him a kiss in his cheek. "Good morning to you too Louis! I scream back in his ear. He gets up and pulls me up. I make some French toast and butter and Louis eat it gladly. He say I get my cooking skills from him but I only remind him he never cook he only munches on carrots and then he get all sad. Finally we sit down and watch a movie. Still in my p.j I run upstairs to get some clothes and take a shower. While I'm in the shower I let my mind wander and apparently it began to wander in the ring direction. I started thinking about arriving at my moms car and blood everywhere. I began weeping hard.

Louis pov

I heard someone crying and I ran upstairs. It was coming out of my bathroom. " is everything ok? " I asked making sure Anastasia was ok. When I got out I told him what had happens and we cried together. I put my head on his chest and began weeping. I felt safe and warm
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