Every Directioner's Dream

Sarah and Claire attend their favorite band, One Direction, in concert. They didn't think they would get noticed because of all the fans. What will happen between Sarah and Harry?


5. Walk

Sarah's POV:

   I think to myself, OMG I can't believe Harry friggin Styles is my friend. How did this happen to me? My thoughts got interrupted by Harry. "Hey look there's a bar. Wanna go get a couple drinks?" he says. "Sure!" I say, "but I'm paying for it this time!" "Over my dead body." We laugh. "That can be arranged" he looks at me with eyes wide open. I giggle and playfully hit him. We walk inside and get a couple beers. I look at my watch. Wow! It's already 2:58 in the after noon. So far I've drank 8 beers. I was about to order another when Harry said it's time to go home. We walk outside and he pulls his phone out. "Hey Paul." he says, "can you drive Sarah's truck back to her place? It's at Starbucks. Yeah." he goes silent, "yeah. Okay." I hear him tell him my address, then hangs up. We walk to Harry's car and gets in.

4 hours later:

   I open my eyes with a major headache. I try to go back to sleep for another half an hour then get up and run in the bathroom. I violently puke into the toilet when I feel someone pulling my hair back. I try to get up but start vomiting again. Finally I stop vomiting and walk out of the bathroom with Harry at my heels. "You alright babe?" he says. "I guess. Major headache and horrible hangover." I say. "Yeah you drank a lot doesn't surprise me." he says from the other room. He walks back in with Pepto Bismol and Advil. I take the medicine and thank Harry. He smiles and leaves the room coming back with a box of pizza. "Hungry for dinner?" he says. "Dinner?" "Yeah, it's 7:30." "Wow. I guess I could go for a couple slices." I say while grabbing a plate. Harry and I ate pizza while watching Titanic. I tried not to cry but it was impossible. At least I had Harry by my side to comfort me....


***************** Sorry that it's short and horrible! It's like almost 11 at night here and I am half asleep. I'm going to sleep and I will try to post tomorrow. Don't know how much I can post thought cause tomorrow I have to babysit. Thanks for anyone who reads this. Please comment on what I can improve on and what stories I can do next. I really need ideas. Thanks!

Love, Rachel xoxox***************************

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