Every Directioner's Dream

Sarah and Claire attend their favorite band, One Direction, in concert. They didn't think they would get noticed because of all the fans. What will happen between Sarah and Harry?


8. The Call

Sarah's POV:

   As soon as I got home I went to sleep. I was exhausted and really needed to rest. I was sleep for who knows how long until my phone started ringing. Slowly I sat up and checked the caller ID. Harry. I looked at the time. 2:42 in the afternoon. Wow I slept late. I pressed the answer button and put the phone to my ear.

   "Hello." I said.

   "Hello!" all of the boys screamed. I had to take the phone away from my ear so I would be able to hear still, "sorry to wake you from your beauty sleep love." it was Harry that time.

   "It's okay. I probably should've been getting up anyway. So what's up?"

   "Well as you know we will be going on tour in a couple weeks."


   "And... we talked to our management. They said we were allowed to bring a guest. So since Harry and you have a thing. We thought that maybe you would like to come with us."

  I just sat there smiling and blushing. "Sure. I'd love to come!"

  "Doesn't sound like she say no to you guys being a thing Harry." I could tell he was blushing even though we were only on the phone. I could not wait to go on tour. Maybe Harry and I will end up getting together.....



******* Okay well first of all this has nothing to do with One Direction whatsoever. It's about nose piercing and convincing parents. If you already don't like what I'm about to talk about then just close this fanfic until the next chapter.

   So I'm 12 and I want to get my nose pierced. My dad said he really doesn't care if I get my nose pierced but it's my mom I need to convince. Does anyone know how to convince parents into letting you get your nose pierced? It would mean a lot if you help me!


  Also please leave feed back in the comments and share my story to others.

Thanks for reading,

Rachel. x :)


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