Every Directioner's Dream

Sarah and Claire attend their favorite band, One Direction, in concert. They didn't think they would get noticed because of all the fans. What will happen between Sarah and Harry?


2. Stole My Heart (Part 1)

 Claire's POV:

   That was strange. It almost looked like Harry and Sarah had a moment there. I thought to myself. "Sarah we're finally in! I have the butterflies now." I said.  "I do too!" Sarah said.

Nobody's POV:

   Sarah and Claire went inside and took their seats. They were in the 1st row.  Everyone started screaming except for Sarah.  The show was about to start.

Harry's POV: Wow there are tons of people out there, I said to myself. I noticed one fan in the front row wasn't screaming and jumping up and down. I stared at her. "She's beautiful," I mutter under my breath. Then the music started for Stole My Heart. I walked over to the beautiful girl in the front row and sang "Under the lights tonight, you turned around and you stole my heart. With just one look and when I saw your face. I fell in love. It took a minute girl, to steal my heart tonight. With just one look yeah. Been waiting for a girl like you."

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