Every Directioner's Dream

Sarah and Claire attend their favorite band, One Direction, in concert. They didn't think they would get noticed because of all the fans. What will happen between Sarah and Harry?


4. Starbucks

Sarah's POV:

  I looked down at the CD and read the number: 585-555-4295. I picked up my phone and put the number in and sat there thinking about what I'd say. My finger slipped and pressed the call button. Before I could do anything I heard someone say "Hello". "Hey Harry. It's Sarah." I nervously say. "Hi Sarah! What's up?" he says. "Not much. Just sitting at home. Very bored!" "I can make you less bored." I giggle and start blushing. "How so?" I say. "How about you meet me at Starbucks at 11:25?" "Okay! See you then! Bye." "Bye babe" and the call ended. I looked at the time. 11:03. Time to pick out my outfit. I walk to my closet and pick out my favorite blue strapless dress with sequins on the upper part of the dress. I put my make up back on and put my sequin flats on. I looked at the time again. 11:15. I better start heading out. I grab my keys, my purse, and my cell phone and walk to the old pickup truck. I drive off smiling.

10 minutes later:

   I walk inside and look around to find Harry. Ah there he is, I said to myself. I shyly wave and he waves at me to come over. "Wow! You look beautiful Sarah." Harry says. "Thanks. You look handsome yourself." I say. We both blush. Harry leads me up to the counter to a young gentleman to order. Harry leans over and whispers "Can you trust me on picking your drink?" I smile and nod. "One Iced Vanilla Latte for the lady and one Vanilla Bean Creme Frappuccino for me please." The young gentleman nods and says "That will be $8.35" Harry hands him money before I get mine out and smiles at me. "No way am I letting you pay Sarah." Harry says. "Darn you." I smile. "Here you go Mr. Styles." the young gentleman says and hands us our drinks. We walk away and I say to Harry "How did you know I love Iced Vanilla Lattes?" He laughs. "You look like the type of girl who likes vanilla." I blush.

Harry's POV:

   She is so cute when she blushes. I wonder if she likes me the way I like her, I think to myself. We walk to a table and sit down. "Tell me a little about yourself." I say. "Like what?" she says. "Hm. How about your age, birthday, favorite colour, relationship status, perfect date, favorite food etc..." I blush. She giggles and says "Okay from the top. I'm 20, my birthday is August 29, my favorite colour is pink, I'm single, a perfect date would be going to a beach and having a picnic, and my favorite food would have to be Nandos." She smiles. "Wait a minute. Did you say your birthday is August 29?" "Yep. I know it's Liam's birthday too." she says. "No it's not." I say. She gets a confused look on her face. "What are you talking about? Yes it is." "No it's not Liam's birthday. It's Liam's AND your birthday." I smile. She blushes and giggles. We talk about odd things and laugh most of the time. We finish our drinks and throw the cups out. "Come on." I say. "Where are we going?" she asks. "For a walk." "What about my truck?" "Don't worry we will come back for it." And our walk begins....


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