Every Directioner's Dream

Sarah and Claire attend their favorite band, One Direction, in concert. They didn't think they would get noticed because of all the fans. What will happen between Sarah and Harry?


1. Concert

Sarah's POV:

  You roll over on your side and press the snooze button on your phone. Today is the day you are going to a One Direction concert with your best friend, Claire.  You guys have been freaking out waiting for this moment. You get dressed into your best dress and run downstairs to have breakfast and add the finishing touches to the poster Claire was going to hold. Claire knocks on the door and comes in. "Hey Sarah! I am so excited for the concert!" "Me too!" you say. "Well the concert is starting in an hour, we should probably leave" says Sarah's mum. "Agreed" you and Claire say.

*On the way there*

  "Omg! I wonder if Harry will sing to someone in the crowd. Possibly us, Sarah!" "I wish. There are millions of fans do you really think they will notice us?" "True. We're here. Look! The boys are standing over there!!" "Maybe we can get a picture at least."

Nobody's POV:

   Sarah and Claire get out of the car and say bye to Sarah's mum. They walk over to the long line of screaming girls and take their spots in line. Sarah looks over at the boys and noticed someone else looking back at her. Harry Styles and Sarah Combi's eyes had just met. :)


*************** Sorry if this sucks. This is the first one I've actually written. Please comment and tell me how it is. If you think it's bad and needs improvement please leave tips or what was bad. I will continue with the story but tell me if you think it's bad and should end. Thanks!

Love, Rachel xoxo*********************************

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