Every Directioner's Dream

Sarah and Claire attend their favorite band, One Direction, in concert. They didn't think they would get noticed because of all the fans. What will happen between Sarah and Harry?


6. Best morning ever!

Sarah's POV:

   I wake up in an unfamiliar room. I sit up and look around and remember where I am. Something smells good, I think to myself. Right as I think that I see Harry come in with a tray of pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, and orange juice. "Awe thanks, Harry!" I say as I take the tray smiling. "No problem, babe." he says and smiles. I feel myself blush as he says "babe". He leaves the room and comes back a couple minutes later with a tray of food for him and sits on the bed with me. We eat our food in silence. Not the awkward silence but the kind of comforting silence. After we finished our breakfast I helped Harry clean up. We didn't clean up too well. We just made a bigger mess. There was pancake batter in my hair and down his pants, eggs in my bra and in his hair, sausage in our nose, and orange juice in my pants and on his head.  I laugh at the sight of the mess we made. "Is something funny Miss. Combi?" he asks with a smirk on his face. "Actually it's not funny. Yet." I say. His eyes get wide as I go to the fridge and get the ketchup and mustard. I shoot him with both of them until he was all red and yellow. He puts his hands up meaning that he surrenders. I laugh and start walking to the sink when I feel strong arms around me. When he let go of me I was covered in ketchup and mustard. "I guess I deserved that." I said. "Yes, yes you did" he said and laughed. I laughed too. "I guess we should get cleaned up." I said. "Yep. There's only one shower." he said with a smirk. "No we are not showering with each other!" I laughed. Deep down I wanted him to beg for us to shower together. Harry pouted. He grabbed my hand and dragged me to the door. We went outside and turned the hose on. Man was it cold! I suddenly got an idea.... Harry turned around to pick something up so this is the perfect time to mess with him. I picked the hose up and stuffed it down Harry's pants and turned the water all the way on so it was colder. He turned around jumping up and down trying not to scream. He pulled the hose out of his pants and slowly walked up to me with a mischievous smile on his face. Before I knew it Harry had put the hose down my pants. I quickly take it out and Harry turns the water off. Harry looks at my soaked clothes and says "I think I have a pair of sweatpants and a shirt you can wear." "Please." I said. We went inside and got changed. "Well I've better get going. See ya later! Thanks for everything and have fun at your interview." I said smiling. He smiled back looking confused and said "Bye Sarah. See ya later!. Wait." I turned around, "don't you need a ride home?" "Oh yeah I forgot that my truck is home already. Um. No I''ll be fine. I don't live far. Thanks though!" I said. I really needed to burn off some weight anyway.

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