Falling for your eyes

Its summer time and Desiree and her best friend Makenna are forced to stay with her aunt Molly in Ireland for the whole entire summer! They both were not looking forward to it at all and just when they thought the summer was gonna be the worst summer ever, they ran into 5 cute boys at lunch and exchanged numbers maybe this summer won’t be so bad after all...


2. Missing Home

  Next Morning

I woke up and checked my phone.






I opened the text messages and read.


From: Mum

Hi sweetie I miss you I know you are going to have

Fun. Tell Makenna not to get into trouble ;) and give her

a big hug for me ok? Love you des

Xo mum


From: Mum

Oh I forgot to say we got you and Makenna tickets to a

Concert for the band one direction you’ve never heard

of them, I think you would like their music though.

Xo mum


I was really missing home but I guess the concert would help me get my mind off of everything. I decided to read the other messages.


From: Unknown number

Hi Desiree it’s Niall. If you don’t remember, we met yesterday

at the restaurant. I was wondering if maybe you and your friend

wanted to go to the beach with me and the lads today. Text me as

soon as you wake up.



From: Unknown Number

Hi Desiree it’s me Niall again. Are you going to come to the beach with

Us today? :-) I would be so happy if you could come! Text me please.



From: Unknown Number

Its Niall again sorry if I’m bugging you. I forgot to say if you are coming

We are going to go at 1:30 so text me as soon as you read this. Thanks love



He’s so sweet. Of course we are going, I think I might like him even though I barely know him he seems so sweet. I looked at my watch to check the time; 12:45.

CRAP! We have to get ready and I have to text Niall back!


To: Niall From: Desiree

Hey Niall! We would love to come sounds like fun! We will meet you there sorry I didn’t text back I was sleeping. See you soon. :-)

-Desiree x


“MAKENNA!! GET UP WE ARE GOING TO THE BEACH GET READY NOW WE ARE LEAVING IN 15 MINUTES!!!!!!!!!” I screamed across the hall. Suddenly, I heard Makenna run across the hall and she bolted into my room.

“WHAT!!!” She exclaimed. I laughed and replied, “Remember those boys from the restaurant yesterday?” she nodded “Well they invited us to the beach with them today so get ready we have to leave soon!” As soon as I finished my sentence we both ran to our closets. I chose to wear a light pink floral bandeau bikini with light pink floral bikini bottoms, a flowy white dress over my bikini and a waterfall braid to complete my outfit. As soon as we finished changing, we said good-bye to my aunt and ran to the car. Makenna was driving so I decided to check to see if I got any new messages.




From: Niall

Yay!! Your coming :-) ! We will meet you there

-Niall x


I started smiling as I read his message and got really excited to hangout with them.

“Hey Makenna, you know maybe you will fall madly in love with one of those boys. BUT NOT NIALL HES MINE LADY BACK OFF” I said dramatically. She rolled her eyes and responded “Shut up love bird.”


Finally we got to the beach. We were greeted by 5 handsome boys.

We all layed our towels out on the sand and then Niall asked, “Desiree do you want to go on a walk?” I nodded and we started walking side by side on the sandy beach.






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