Falling for your eyes

Its summer time and Desiree and her best friend Makenna are forced to stay with her aunt Molly in Ireland for the whole entire summer! They both were not looking forward to it at all and just when they thought the summer was gonna be the worst summer ever, they ran into 5 cute boys at lunch and exchanged numbers maybe this summer won’t be so bad after all...


1. Dreading Summer


It was the beginning of summer and my best friend Makenna and I were being forced to stay with my aunt and uncle in Mullingar, Ireland. This is going to be the worst summer ever.

“How about we go out for dinner and some shopping?” I suggested. Makenna nodded in agreement. After we had gotten my aunts approval, we got a taxi and drove off. We finally arrived to our destination and we ran in excitedly.

“Table for two please,” I said still trying to catch my breath. The waitress walked us to our table and we sat down. Makenna and I noticed five really cute guys at the table next to us and couldn’t stop staring. The blonde one noticed our staring and walked over to our table.

-Niall’s POV-

I can’t believe it the prettiest girls in the world are sitting right next to me. Although I was super nervous, I got up and walked straight towards them.

“Hi,” I said, “My name is Niall.” They giggled and introduced themselves, Desiree and Makenna. Beautiful. Desiree stood out to me though; she was gorgeous with her flowing blonde hair.

“Desiree, can I have you number please?” I asked. She smiled and said, “Sure thing. Do you have a pen?” I quickly handed her a pen and she wrote her number down on a napkin.

“Thanks,” I said, “I will make sure we keep in touch.”

-Desiree’s POV-

I can’t believe Niall asked for my number! He seems so sweet, I hope we can go out sometime.

“Well it was nice meeting you guys. I better get back to the boys before the burn the place down.” He said jokingly. Makenna and I both laughed and said our goodbyes. Maybe this summer would be fun after all.

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