Broken (between two)

Brea and her friend Calye Decide to move to london to get their education. Well as soon as they settle in the most amazing thing happend to them that they thought would never happend but only in their dreams.


10. Unexpected

Breas P.O.V

Me and Calye decided to just hanf out all day and later go watch a movie. When we were fixing to leave i forgot i left my phone in my room so i ran up to grab it.

Calyes P.O.V

As Brea ran up to get her phone from her room I told her i was going to go wait in the car. When i opened the door There was Harry Standing in the doorway.

"Uhhh Hey." I said Confused

"Is Brea Here?" He said looking behind me

"Uh Yeah hold on. Brea! You have a Vistitor!"

"Yeah who is it?" She said walking down the stairs

I moved out of the way so she could see Harry. She looked at me then back at Him.

"Harry? What are you doing here?" She said confused

"I just wanted to take you to dinner. Is that ok?" He smiled at her

"Well i was -" I cut her off

"Its fine we'll go tommrow or something"

"Are you sure?" She looked at me

"Yeah as long as you bring back leftovers." We all started to laugh.

"Haha Ok" She smiled and walked out the door.

Breas P.O.V

Why is he doing this i wondered while i looked out the window. I was so confused.

"Harry. Why are you  doing this?" I said looking at him

"Well Because i wanted to be nice."

"Oh ok" I looked back out the window

When We got to the resturant my eyes widened. It was one of the most expensive places ever! I dodnt know what it was called but it was beautiful and it was itailian. Which was my favorite! I smiled when we sat down at the table.

"How did you get us in here?" I asked then realised how stupid it sounded because hes a really famous popstar.

"Well you know. Im harry styles i can get in to everything!"

I laughed at what he said. We ate our food and talked for a while. When we got done he drove me home.

"Thank you for the dinner." I said

"Your welcome!"He replyed

I start to open the door to the car when He grabs my hand. I look up at him and he pulls me closer to him. I start to ask what he was doing but he cut me off with a kiss. I didnt know what was hapening. I pulled away.

"What are you Doing?"

"Kissing you"


"Well because you are so beautiful and i love you."

"Harry ive got to go." I said and got out of his car and shut the door. When I got inside i stood their in surprise.

"Hey your back! Now wheres my leftovers?" She said walking into the hallway. She stopped and looked at me.

"Whats wrong brea?"

"Harry Kissed me" I replyed.


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