Broken (between two)

Brea and her friend Calye Decide to move to london to get their education. Well as soon as they settle in the most amazing thing happend to them that they thought would never happend but only in their dreams.


13. Spin The bottle

Breas P.O.V

Even though Harry said Niall werent fighting anymore i could still tell there was something going on. I just ignored it. I told them that right now i just want to be friends and we will see where it goes from there. So one day me and Calye decided to Invite them over for a movie and just hang out.

When i opened the door they all barged in.

"Well Hello to you too." I giggled.

We all sat down to watch a movie. Calye was sitting by Louis, I was sitting by Harry and Niall and Beside them were Liam and Zayn. After the movie ended we all decided to play truth or dare with a bottle.

First it landed on Liam, Then Zayn, Then Harry.

"Harry! Truth or Dare?" I said laughing

"Uhhh Truth!"

"Umm well who would ask me out first You or Niall?" I said Blushing

"Well Niall" He said looking at Niall

"And why is that?" I crossed my arms

"Because hes single.." He looked at me

"Well your single too..arent you?" I started to get confused

"Is that what you think?"

"Uhh thats what everyone says.." I said really confused now

"Well then i guess im single.."

"Harry Whats going on?"

"Nothing." He looked at all the other boys

"Seriously Harry! Tell me." I said getting annoyed

"NOTHING!" He screamed

All the boys looked at him with wide eyes. I just starred at him until my eyes started to water. He looked at me as a tear streamed down my face.

"Oh Brea! Im so sorry. I didnt mean-" I cut him off

"No im sorry. Im sorry for being annoying im sorry for being me." I got up and walked to my room.

Harrys P.O.V

I cant believe that i just screamed at her. I dont even know why i said nothing. I wasnt going out with anyone i just wanted to mess with her. Then when i screamed i didnt realize that i actually sounded mad.

I cant believe i made her cry.

Calyes P.O.V


I got up and ran upstairs to her room. When i opened the door she was looking out her window.

"Brea? Are you ok?" I asked. She didnt say anything. "Itll be ok. He is just a jerk."

"No. Hes not. Its all my fault he did that. I just should have left him alone." She said with her shaky voice

Then there was a knock on the door and Louis walked in. He came to my side.

"Brea. I dont know whats wrong with him lately. Im so sorry about him." Louis said in a disappointed voice

"Lou dont worry its not you fault. i should have left him alone. Its all my fault." She said crying even harder.

I looked at louis and whispered for him to go ahead ill handle her. He left and i gave her a hug. "Dont worry this will all work out"

I left the room because when shes upset she would rather be left alone. I went into the living room to see Harry sitting on the couch with his head in his hands. I didnt say a word to him because im sure he heard it all from the rest of the boys so i just walked off  into the kitchen to see niall raiding our cabnients and Louis ,Liam, and Zayn sitting at the table.

"She'll be fine." I said looking at them all


Calyes P.O.V

THe boys decided they wanted to stay the night so they made palates in the floor in the living room. They wanted to make sure that Brea was gonna be ok.

Breas P.O.V

The next morning when i woke up my phone was vibrating. I looked to see what was going on. On instagram Niall, Liam,Zayn, Louis, and Harry all tagged me in a photo. All saying that Harry was sorry. I started to smile till i went down and saw a picture that caught my eye. It Said *HARRY STYLES AND HIS NEW GIRLFRIEND* I looked at the photo to see Harry and some girl in his car. It wasnt me i was sure of that. But i got extreamly mad. It said they were going for a couple of months when just a week ago he said he loved me and kissed me. I got out of my bed a ran down stairs. I didnt know they were down there because i ran straight to the kitchen because i could hear calye talking.

"LOOK!" I screamed

She was on the phone with her mom so she told me to wait a minute. I did and as soon as she hung up i said it again. Her eyes widened and her  mouth dropped open.

"OH MY GOSH!" She looked at me. Thats when i heard footsteps. I turned around to see Harry standing there rubbing his eyes. I looked at calye and she told me that they all spent the night because they wanted to make sure i was ok. I looked back at Harry and this time i shoved my phone at him. When he looked at the picture his eyes widened.

"This isnt real!" He looked at me and sounded very inocent.

"Whatever Harry! How am I suppose to trust you? How do i know your not lieing to me?" I looked at him

"Because. I love you!" Now all the boys were in the kitchen watching

"Thats what you said after you kissed me!" I looked at him angirly.

"Wait a minute what?" Niall looked at Harry

"You Kissed her Harry?" Louis looked at him confused.

"Yeah... The other day i took her to dinner and kissed her. I didnt go for a drive by myself." He looked at louis who was looking very angry.

"You didnt tell them?" I asked Harry

"No..I didnt want them to be mad." Harry looked down at his feet.

"Well to late" Said Niall

"Im really sorry guys its just that... I dont know what to do anymore." He looked at them then me and said "Goodbye." As he walked out of the kitchen and out the front door.

Louis ran out the door. "Wait harry dont leave! You cant just walk out in the pouring rain."

"Louis ill be fine." Harry said before waliking out into the rain.

Thats when I ran out and grabbed harrys hand and drug him inside. "Your not going any where until it stops raining" I said and shut the front door behind us.


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