Broken (between two)

Brea and her friend Calye Decide to move to london to get their education. Well as soon as they settle in the most amazing thing happend to them that they thought would never happend but only in their dreams.


1. Packing

Breas P.O.V

I started to tear up while packing up my room. I was excited but very sad because i didnt want to leave my family. Me and My bestfriend are moving to London England to go to college. Like i said im very excited but i dont know if i want to leave my family. I started to cry but then my phone rang.

"Hello" I said trying not to sound upset.

"Hey,Are you almost done packing?" Said My bestfriend Calye

"Yeah just on the last box."

"Ok Remeber we have to get up early to put this in storage. So set your Clock!"

"Ok I will bye Calye!" I said before she could say anything else and hung up.


The next morning i got up at Five thirty in the morning so i could take a shower and get ready. By Six thirty i had my hair in a ponytail and was wearing a plain tshirt and some basketball shorts.I wasnt the kind of girl who liked to dress up for everything. I was more of a go with the flow kinda of girl i guess atleast that what Calye says. All the sudden i hear a knock on the door. I put my   stuff up in the living room The night before so i didnt have to carry down the stair and wake everyone up. I open the door to let Calye in so we could start packing everything in her Truck. She had a very pretty truck it was pearly white. My car was more of a show car. I got it from my Grandma she told me that whenever it was paid off i could have it and sure enough she gave it to me. It could fit a few things in there so the smaller stuff we stuffed it in there.

"BE CAREFUL!" I yelled at Calye

"Whats in here?" She asked in a sacastic voice.

"All my one direction stuff."I said in a Serious voice.

She rolled her eyes but slowly but the box in my car. Calye was a directioner she just thought that we were to old for them..or they were to old for us. I didnt care what she thought they were still my inspiration. I listened to their music when i was upset or when ever i needed a little courage. As we get done putting everything in our vehicles i followed her to the storage unit. When we get their i decided i was going to keep my box of one direction stuff in my car because i knew i was going to need it through this whole process of moving and school.


Later that night Me and Calye got online to look for cars in england. There wasnt many and they were quite expensive so we decided to only get one for right now. It was going to be hard only driving one car between two people but we still had all summer to save up our money for another one. We only had a couple days till we left for London so i stayed with Calye until then.

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