Broken (between two)

Brea and her friend Calye Decide to move to london to get their education. Well as soon as they settle in the most amazing thing happend to them that they thought would never happend but only in their dreams.


3. London

We toke a taxi to our new home. We got their just to see a beautiful but small house in a cute little neighborhood. We got out all of our stuff out of the taxi and payed and thanked the taxi man for driving us. We got inside and checked the place out.

"Its Beautiful!" I screamed in excitment.

It was already furnished which was great because we didnt have any money to buy furniture. Calye called her mom to tell her we arrived. I decided to do the same.

"Hello?" My mom awnsered

"Hey mom! Guess what! We arrived in london and it is beautiful." I said

"Thats amazing Brea. I already miss you." She replyed in a shaky voice

I could tell she was about to cry so i told her i missed her too and that i loved her and not to worry because im fine.

"I love you too sweety. Bye." She said before hanging up

I told Calye that i was going to bed because the airplane ride made me really tired. But when i got to my room i didnt go to bed instead i pulled out all my one direction stuff and plugged my earphones into my iphone to listen to music while i flipped through a old magazine of them. I remebered whenever i was a little younger i loved them all but Niall was the cutest one of them all. I still think hes quite the cute one but i knew it was only a dream that would never come true. After a while of laying on my bed listening to music i fell asleep.


The next morning i woke up not only to a magazine beside me but my phone still playing music. I turned the music off and jumped into the shower. After i got out and got dressed i went into calyes room to see if she was sleeping. As i thought she was sound asleep i ran into my room and got my phone. I pressed Call Calye. The next thing i new i heard her run into my room with her messy hair and a What the Heck is wrong with you face on. I started to laugh and the next thing i know we are in a pillow fight with eachother. After we get done fighting eachother with pillows she went into the shower because she wanted to go walk around town and didnt want to look like a freak.




"Im coming." She said runing down the stairs

We walk out the door and lock the house up. We talked for a while when all the sudden we run ito these Five boys because we werent watching where we were gong.

"Im so sorry." I say looking up to a blonde haired boy. He was wearing a red cap, jeans, a red shirt, and some hightops.

"Its ok" He said in this really sweet irish voice.

I look over at calye to only see her flirting up the guy she ran into. Calye has pretty blonde hair and blue eyes. Shes very beautiful. So i wouldnt doubt the guy was flirting back.

"Im really sorry. I wasnt watching were i was going. Im sorry." I said again looking down

"Dont worry about it. Its ok trust me." He said in a laughing kind of voice "So do you want to go get some coffe or something?" He asked.

"Uh sure but what about my friend?" I asked

"She can come too." He replied "Me and the bpys sre going that way and im sure they wouldnt mind two more people tagging along."

"Ok then lets go." I said with a huge smile on my face



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