Broken (between two)

Brea and her friend Calye Decide to move to london to get their education. Well as soon as they settle in the most amazing thing happend to them that they thought would never happend but only in their dreams.


6. Let the best man win the girl

Nialls P.O.V

We start to walk back to the bus after the show. Before we get there I grab Harry by the shoulder and stop him in his tracks.

"Woah!" He said

"Whats wrong with you?! You know i like Brea! You know that ive been waiting for a girl like her! Why did you do that?"

"Im sorry man. I Really like her too." He said with a smirk on his face

"You always get the girl! Let me have this one for once"

"Let the best man win the girl."

He got out of my grip and walked off onto the bus. I followed after him but when i got inside i sat down and didnt talk for the rest the night.




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