Broken (between two)

Brea and her friend Calye Decide to move to london to get their education. Well as soon as they settle in the most amazing thing happend to them that they thought would never happend but only in their dreams.


18. Hes Here

Breas P.O.V

  The next morning i woke up to the sound of pans crashing. I looked over to niall to see him sound asleep next to me. I kissed his cheek and got up to go down stairs. As i walked out the door i could hear Calye and another voice that i really couldnt make out until i got closer. Of course it was louis because they were having who loves who more.

"No, I love you more!" Calye said giggling

"No..Thats just not possibly" Louis replied

"N- Well look who it is." Calye looked up at me "Did you like my bed? Its comfortable isnt it? But what i dont understand is why YOU WERE IN IT!?"

"Sorry Niall was supppose to sleep in my bed and i was gon sleep in yours because you were on the couch.. but right before i got in he came in and begged me to let him sleep with me next to him. And really who can resist his cute little face?" I started to giggle then i heard Nialls voice.

"Aww thanks babe i cant resist your adorable face either" He walked up behind me and kissed my cheek. I started to blush but kissed him back.

"So what should we do today?" Louis spoke up.

"You wanna go to a movie or somethin?" Calye looked back at Louis

"Yeah thats sounds great. What about you guys?" Louis looked at Me and Niall. I also looked at Niall.

"Yeah sure!" He said and walked over to the stove to grab a piece of bacon.


Breas P.O.V

That afternoon Niall and Louis left to go get ready. As soon as they left we both ran upstairs into our bathrooms and got ready. I decieded to wear a bright green dress with some brow sandals and my hair down and straight. I put light makeup on so it looked natural and not too dressy. When i got done it was about 6:30 pm. I ws surprised but then i realized that we woke up really late. I grabbed my phone and put it in my purse. Then i went down stairs to wait.

Calyes P.O.V

For the date I decieded to wear a striped shirt and some tight blue pants. I put my hair in a messy bun and some light make up. I went down stairs to see brea looking at her phone with tears in her eyes.

"What wrong?" I asked as i sat down beside her.

"Hes here." She didnt take her eyes off her phone.

"Whos here? Brea whats wrong?" I started to get worried.

"Chance... Hes here. Looking for me" A tear streamed down her face.

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