Broken (between two)

Brea and her friend Calye Decide to move to london to get their education. Well as soon as they settle in the most amazing thing happend to them that they thought would never happend but only in their dreams.


2. Arriving

On the day We were going to London we got up very early because the flight left around Noon and we didnt want to leave anything behind that we were going to take. Calyes Alarm went off telling us we needed to go. We Hurried to the car in excitment and drove off to the Airport.

"Wooohooo I cant wait." Calye said in a Excited voice.

"Me niether." I said in a semi-Excited voice.

"Whats wrong?" Calye said confused.

"Nothing. Its just going to be hard leaving this place behind" I replyed with tears in my eyes.

"Oh Brea think of How much fun we are going to have! Think about all the stories we can tell and all the hot boys we are going to see! Ooo girl its going to be amazing dont you worry. Itll be fun trust me."

I laughed at the ton of her voice. Calye was Very Funny. I guess that was one of the reasons i love her so much. She was like a sister to me.

We arrived at the airport and boreded the plane. We were lucky to be able to sit by eachother because this was our first times ever to ride a airplane and we were happy to do it together instead of some stranger.


Finally after Hours of riding the airplane we land in london.

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