The Dressing Room

Bella Cassett and her best friend Hilary Welth had finally gotten One Direction concert tickets. But when she's leaving she and Hilary get swarmed by a mob of fans and locked in a dressing room. They meet Niall Horan and make their escape but meeting Niall changed Bella's Life.


4. What Now?

I ran up to my guest room and sobbed on one of the twin beds. Someone came up to me and stroked the hair out of my face. "Bella." An Irish accent said. I looked up and Niall was sitting beside me. He handed me a glass of water and I drank it. I went to the bathroom and wiped the tears from my face. I washed off any makeup on my face and went back to the room. Niall led me downstairs and tried to call Zayn. There was no answer. My phone buzzed and I picked it up. The text said 'I know it's a situation like this buy seriously if I do t eat in like ten minutes I'm gonna go crazy' How did Niall even get my number? "Nandos it is." I said. I dialed the Nandos number and asked for one of everything on the menu and a container of chicken wings and fries. Eleven minutes later it came. Niall dug in and when he was done I mean literally there was like one French frie left. " Hey those were for us!" I said to him. He shrugged and grabbed an ice tea from the fridge. When he was done we disguised the guys and walked around the town. We walked by and someone was sitting outside a building with a red face and clenched fists. "ZAYN?!" I asked. "AAAHHH!!!!!" And a bunch of fans pulled him away. I sat down in the sidewalk. "I'm am do stupid." I muttered to myself. I looked around but Zayn was long gone. I ran down a street and Zayn was there. "You..." He muttered. He pushed me against the wall and punched my face. As I fainted I heard someone yell "Bella?" when I woke up I was in the hospital and there was a pain in my nose and all of my leg. I winced and Niall, who was sitting beside my bed called the nurse. "Oh you're awake!" She chirped. I ignored her as doctors came up and bandaged my nose. They were putting a cast on my full leg now. They gave me some medicines and I fell asleep. When I woke up the bandage was off my nose. I looked at the clock and apparently I had been asleep for four days. A doctor came in and gave me crutches. I tried to get up but it was hard because I couldn't bend my leg. Niall lifted me in his arms and Harry grabbed my crutches. They drove me back to Hilary's house.
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