The Dressing Room

Bella Cassett and her best friend Hilary Welth had finally gotten One Direction concert tickets. But when she's leaving she and Hilary get swarmed by a mob of fans and locked in a dressing room. They meet Niall Horan and make their escape but meeting Niall changed Bella's Life.


5. The Explanation

When we got to Hilary's house Niall sat me down on the couch. Once everyone sat down there was a knock on the door. I crutched to the door and opened it. I saw who it was and backed up quickly. Niall imeadeitly came over and stod in front of me. "Zayn?" He spat. "Wait I'm not going to hurt her I didn't mean to." Zayn said quickly. "I thought she was someone else. There was this crazy girl following me around all day and when I turned around she pretended she wasn't there." Zayn explained. "And why would you want to punch her?" Niall asked " She was probably just a fan!" " She really annoyed me Ok Niall? And I'm sorry I quit I just got mad for no reason. Can I come back in now?" Zayn asked. Niall nodded and let Zayn in.
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